Alaska Center for Spiritual Living 929 East 81st Avenue, Suite 105, Anchorage AK 99518 phone: (907) 522-0940
Join Us Sundays @ 10:30am

Alaska Center for Spiritual Living, Anchorage, AK

We are meeting at:
929 East 81st Avenue, Suite 105, Anchorage, AK 99518

Come Celebrate Life with us!
every Sunday:
Meditation 10:30 am
Music Ministry: 10:45
Celebration at 11 am

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The Whole World can be in your Hand

Spiritual Awakening

"Visioning is a process by which we train ourselves to be able to hear, feel, see, and catch God's plan for our life or for any particular project we're working on. An organic process that has evolved for me as I grow spiritually, it is based on the idea that we're not here to tell God what to do or to ask God for things but to absolutely be available for what God is already doing, to open ourselves up to catch what's already happening.”  
Michael Bernard Beckwith

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What happens to us as we open to the vision
God has for our life and begin to live it?

The Pocket Rumi Reader - Kabir Helminski

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy

Callings - Gregg Levoy

The Power of Now - Eckart Tolle

The Power of Decision - Raymond C. Barker

The Power of Intention - Wayne Dyer

The Heart of the Soul - Gary Zukav

A Walk on the Beach - Joan Anderson

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers - Debbie Ford

Living Presence - Kabir Helminski


"Our Prayers are fulfilled through rising to the challenge we are experiencing such that our faith is kindled from a spark of inchoate desire to a mighty flame of faith through our inner transformation such that we are answer we have been seeking" ~ Dana Allen

"I found my home!"
"This is a place where I can share and feel joyful!"
Janine D .

"I always feel welcomed at the Center for Spiritual Living"Lee W.

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